Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Huge Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry

Being a country famous for its varied culture and heritage, tourism industry in India has always contributed substantially for the economic growth of the country by giving job opportunities in all sectors related to travel and tourism. Substantial growth is predicted in the tourism industry in future also.

Travel and tourism industry earns not only foreign exchange for the country but also creates job opportunities for a large number of people involved in tourism related service industries. If you are interested in travel and tourism field you can choose from the the huge list of career options available in the sector which you can select as per your skills and interest.

After studying courses in travel and tourism you can choose career options like Tourism Manager, Holiday representative Tour operator, Travel agent and much more. The travel sector offers a wide range of promising career options around the world. Recruiters in the industry prefer well trained and skillful candidates for their company.  Hence choosing the best institute for your travel and tourism training is the most important thing to do. This is your first step towards your dream career.  For that all you have to do is to enroll yourself in the Travel and Tourism courses in any centers of Guiders Education at Kochi, Thrissur or Thiruvalla. Our well-structured syllabus as well as professional and competent faculty will turn you into a complete travel professional. This will be your door to the endless job opportunities in the exciting world of travel and tourism.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Study Travel and Tourism Courses for a bright future !!

Travel and Tourism is booming in aviation industry with tons and tons of business opportunities and growth factors. All over the world more and more countries are relaxing their visa norms and formalities to attract more and more visitors to their country. Increase in passengers always leads to the need of more and more employees to cater to the customers.

If you are looking for an exciting career in travel and tourism sector, we have the best courses that will help you build up your dream career.

 1.       IATA Tourism Next Generation (TNG)
TNG is approved by IATA

The IATA Tourism Next Generation course will give you an insight and an opportunity to understand the essential components of the broad tourism industry, its trends, its various products and how to market it. It is essential for every tour company to foster.

2.       Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM)
DTM is approved by BSS

The ever growing and ever changing Tourism industry, offers enchanting job opportunities to the eager job seekers worldwide

3.       CRS Training
ARS is approved by IATAA 

Computer Reservation System (CRS) is used in the booking process, and provide up to date availability for airline seat purchases.

4.       IATA Travel & Tourism Foundation Course (FOUNDATION)
IATA Foundation is approved by IATA

Foundation course of IATA (earlier known as IATA UFTAA) is focused on industry initiatives that contribute to IATA's concept, viz-"Simplifying the business" (STB). This gives an opportunity for freshers to develop a career in the Aviation, Travel & Tourism industry.

5.       IATA Travel & Tourism Consultant Course (CONSULT)
IATA Foundation is approved by IATA  

IATA Consultant is a top class course which gives good insight to tour management industry. We recommend students those who have successfully completed foundation programme or someone with 2 years' experience. 

6.       International Diploma in Aviation and Tourism (IDAT)
IDAT is approved by OUM Malaysia

International Diploma in Aviation and Tourism offers excellent depth and breadth on all job generating facets of Airport Management and Tourism – Ticketing Management sectors. This programme is approved by OUM Malaysia. The programme approaches these sectors more from an industry orientation vis-à-vis pure academic classes. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Details of our Passenger Ground Services Courses

Certifications Included:
  • IATA Passenger Ground Services
  •                 OR
  • > BSS Diploma in Passenger Services at Airport
  • > Special Attraction: GDS Package

Introduction to airport & airline operations
Computer Reservations (CRS) and Departure Control Systems (DCS) functions.
Passenger & Baggage check-in procedures (airport & off-site).
Conditions of passenger & baggage carriage, boarding procedures and flight close-out messaging.
Cargo and Dangerous Goods regulations
Ramp Service, Airline and Airport security services
Managing passenger interactions.
Aviation security procedures for passenger & baggage transport.
Enhanced passenger facilitation.
Total Customer Care
Career opportunities and interview preparations.
What do you learn?

Understand how airlines and airports operate in relation to the provision of passenger services in airport management.
Provide superior customer facilities.
Learn about the latest industry updates in airport management.
Learn about passenger and baggage check-in & boarding procedures, including passengers with special needs.
Interpret the respective regulatory requirements related to passenger and baggage transport.
Understand how computer reservations and departure control systems operate.
Ensure safe and secure passenger & baggage transport.

One of the best faculty with with broad experience in the aviation industry
Instruction in small groups.
A strong link between theory and practice through case studies and projects.
Focus on development of social, professional and communication skills for a successful career.
Excellent career service and placement cell.
Good infra-structure and amenities for students.

Career Opportunities

Airport Ground handling Companies

Course Duration

Six months 

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work

Happy New Year