Thursday, March 20, 2014


Soft skill development

In a relentless pursuit of excellence, Guiders gives importance not only to academic excellence but also to the all-round development of the student especially his soft skills. At Guiders, the general training framework is tailored on the self confidence building platform. Soft skills encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others, and are usually a definite part of one's personality. Communicative English, covering comprehensive interview sessions and personality development are mandatory modules in all the courses we offer. This prepares the students for a smooth transition to their professional lives and face challenges of the corporate world.

Placement Cell 

The Placement cell has faculty members who are well versed about the needs of the students and understand the corporate world and career objectives of students. The hallmark of the quality education imparted at Guiders is the vast number of students who have been successfully employed in various top organizations. The placement cell maintains good interface with industries of interest so as to facilitate training and placements of students. 

Special Packages 

The special educational schemes and packages offered by Guiders helps talented students to benefit considerably in relation to fees. The allotment of such packages will be based on the academic standards of the student as well as the discretion of the management. 


Ideally located in Kadavanthra the heart of Cochin City, Guiders is easily accessible from all Railway stations and Bus terminals. At Thrissur, Guiders is conveniently located at Chungam, Ayyanthole Road which is just about one kilometer from end of M. G Road. Guiders – Thiruvalla is right on the MC Road at Ramanchira. 


Students are expected to wear the prescribed uniforms in the campus. Uniforms do not only inculcate discipline, but also helps a student look neatly dressed and presentable. The students get a taste of “corporate” life and also get a corporate outlook to their personality.

Training Methodology 

Guiders Academy adopts an interactive teaching methodology wherein seventy-thirty principle of facilitative training is used. Real-life applications are incorporated into the training methodology to awaken curiosity and give more value and meaning to what they are learning. Activities which can help the students link, disparate pieces of information together scaffold the skills and concepts they need to construct knowledge, facilitate and guide questions, and link the knowledge to its application in the outside world are employed by the faculty during the training sessions.

Project work 

In addition to classroom sessions, students are encouraged to work as project teams, in designing and executing specific industry relevant projects. The students get the opportunity to gain experience working with others, which they will need later in the workforce. The communication and conflict resolution skills they gain from group projects will serve well once they start a career.


Guiders has well aired spacious classrooms and state of the art computer laboratories in its centre. Optimal use of audio visual teaching aids and high tech presentation systems make learning a pleasure. Good study materials give the students 


For outstation students, Guiders co-ordinates with reputed student hostels in the city and assists students in availing the facility.

Guiders Academy

Guiders gives importance to the all-round development of each student. The courses have been tailored and structured so as to give challenging programs at all levels of the course. We believe that attitude is the major factor that makes all the difference in a work force. We work towards molding the students into leaders for tomorrow. This is achieved by fostering academics through leadership and managerial excellence. Guiders is devoted to the advancement of knowledge, learning and understanding in the service of society.

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