Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Captain Kevin Oprey of the Queen Mary 2, the largest ‪#‎ocean‬ ‪#‎liner‬ in the world poses on the bulbous bow to mark the 10th anniversary of the ship.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Airplane‬ house

When you board an airplane, you usually expect to travel somewhere – but not in this case. Owner Joanne Ussary created this house, in Mississippi, after her original home was destroyed by an ice storm. She converted a decommissioned 727 into a home, which set her back a mere $US30,000 ($41,000) .

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Placements in Guiders Education

Worldwide, it is a known fact that all the efforts, perseverance and knowledge updation of students are primarily focused at securing a good job and then a career. Guiders is a training institute, but the hallmark of education at Guiders is the number of students who got placed after successfully completing their courses and the career growth they all had. It is these happy and contended alumni that propels Guiders to the next phase of growth. There is huge demand for ?right? candidates across all the industries. The systematic training, Industry relevant curriculum, activity based learning, improved communicative skills, grooming support help the students of Guiders to transform themselves as great employees. Below given are some our students who have been successfully placed.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

International courses in Aviation , Logistics , Tourism

Men's ‪‎Grooming‬

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

CIAL‬ to become " solar airport "

Cochin International Airport Ltd (#CIAL)'s prestigious 12 MWp solar power plant, which will make the airport to be completely powered by solar energy, that too first time in the world.
With the commissioning of the plant, Cochin International Airport will become the first airport in the country to be completely powered by solar energy – as its entire power requirement of about 52,000 units daily will be met by these solar plants.

The more you inspire the more people will inspire you

The difference between Guiders Education and other institutions is the realization that each student is an individual with distinctive learning abilities, proficiency and skills. Rather than grooming a group, we specialize in grooming each student individually, guiding him or her to achieve excellence through self-realization and motivation



The new IATA | Authorized Training Center (ATC) logo

The IATA part of the logo stays the same i.e. in IATA blue. The ATC part will henceforth be in green. The color green is most strongly associated with growth, and that is precisely what our ATCs deliver for participants who enroll with them to pursue vocational courses, with a career in our industry in mind.   
‘Going green’ is not a fad these days, but a commitment to preserve our planet for the future generations. IATA Training and Development Institute continues to develop more training content that is available in an electronic format. From this year all ‘Instructor’ kits are being delivered to ATCs as e-books. 

Happy New Year